Asharti Andrea Szabó – 

intuitive singer, therapyst and trainer

In all likeliness it would be hard to argue that one of the hardest, yet one of the most beautful task in our lives is self-realization. I manifest this intention through my songs, in which I let my voice guided by intuition. I strive to convey the love-energy of the Universe through a way that talks to the heart and soul of the listener. All my songs are unique, as I transscend the time-space continuum of the moment, incorporating the spiritual presence of the audience as well. I intuitively and consciously appeal to a higher level of human consciousness in my singing. I’ve been described as one who can transcend the magic and mystery of universal love – which’s purpose is undoubtedly to bring us to a higher level of vibration. For me, this is the highest and most sacred calling possible, expressing divine love and joy, as well as a sense of freedom. Needless to say, it is all independent from religions, nationality, race – and the same time connects all that exist. It is called love.

We all originated from one place and inevitably will return to our source. It is our calling to unblock our potentials, overcome our fears and to expand our consciousness, so we can all become one again. This invitation is available to all of us from our higher selves, given that we are allow ourselves to be open to this possibility. I am committed to this sacred path of opening in myself and in others through my singing, for it is my heart felt belief that only through this shared, transcended joy and love can we fullfill our destiny together.

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