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Soul tuner

I’m Asharti. Soul-tuning Intuitive singer, artist, therapist, vocal teacher, personality development trainer, creator and developer of FreeForm LifeSong Method ™.

My work has two main lines. One is the art line and the other is the therapist teacher. I’m an artist medium. I do not know where the one and where the other begins, but perhaps it is not important to distinguish. In parallel with my career in theater and now in film music, I also teach singing and do singing therapy. I support people turning to me to find their own voice so they can live a fuller life. My Method FreeForm LifeSong Method ™ is a vocal technique and sound method that is based on a traditional basis but is approached and used in an absolutely unconventional way. In the beginning it was known as Hangolda. It has evolved a lot over the years, and it is developing today, as well as I am, in an experiential way.

It would be difficult to argue that one of the most beautiful and difficult things in our lives is self-actualization. I realized and accomplished and still do this through my voice in the song. I convey the love energy of the universe, bringing it down to a humanly perceptible level. Each song is unique, intuitive, unrepeatable in terms of the people present, space and time. Affecting the unspeakable essence of human existence, it connects hearts to a higher, transcendental level. For me, in the noblest sense of the word, it means freedom and the greatest joy that can exist in the created world. It is independent of religion, of colour, of nations, because it influences what connets everything beyond unites all beings. It is also called love.


When I sing in an intuitive way, I use the language of the Universe. That’s what I call the code system, which seems to be a gossip language for many people. My voice is an information carrier tool. The vibration, frequency, melody of my voice, its combined meaning contains the information. I could compare it to a compressed zip file. These codes then affect the listener. Melt their blocks, calm them down. Arrange the chakras function, especially concern for the heart center. They get such an information through my voice that supports their life at a certain life situation in their lives. A kind of channeling, broadcasting from the Above Universes with some extras. I received this ability as a gift from Heaven when I was an adult. Today I know that small children speak a similar language when they hang out. Later, however, this knowledge is forgotten, under the influence of the environment and society, into the subconscious.

Is all improvisation intuitive? Is everything intuitive that is improvisation?

No! The ability to “playing” with sounds is higher than when someone is playing “just” a sheet music. The artist is much freer. She dares to step out of the boundaries and freely expresses herself by using a given sound set. I think this is the hallmark of intuitive art. However, when I express myself intuitively, I connect to a higher level. Through myself, I let it into this physical space. In the case of intuitive singing, besides my body, as a musical instrument, a code system, the language, is connected. I think the empire of the sounds is really just opening up to us. We are rediscovering its effects and significance. Until now, only a few known this as a manifestations of Creation, such as Ligh.

Once we all left from the same place and will come back there. By unlocking our fears and various blocks, with expanding our consciousness by reconnecting to unity. Everyone can recognize this and live it if they are open enough. There is no limit from there, only infinity. With this in mind, I walk my way and sing, because only a shared experience can truly fulfill human existence.

My Credo

As you sing, as you spread out your sound, you will manifest in the world! We are all part and children of the Creator. We came to Earth to experience. Let’s make the world a co-creator the way we want it, filled with light and love! Express your desires, feelings, thoughts! Make this world better and more complete by the way you live and work on Earth!

My thoughts about the Voice in a different way

Because we are all part of the Creator (God) by whomever we believe), we are therefore co-creators of our own world with the Universe (God). It starts from us, we are the Source. On the other hand, the Universe always puts us in the best position for our development. It is from the resonance and harmonization of the two that my life eventually develops, and the stage for my experiences. The Spirit, the more complete part of Myself, invokes my body as a musical instrument through thoughts. The resonance created in this way, the Voice itself, is born. The Spirit manifests constantly in the physical space through the sound of thought. An improperly tuned instrument (body), or if the Spirit is unable to direct it or sound it properly for some reason, will cause an unstable resonance and the creation will move in a different direction than the intention. That is why, in a two-way work, we tune the body as an instrument and teach correct sound formation. And we teach the Spirit how to play on the body as an instrument through thoughts. How to control her. And then, as we raise the frequency of the body, through proper sound formation and soul development, we become in harmony not only with our true self but with the higher worlds of the Universe. By doing so, we are able to connect to the above worlds, gain insight into them, retrieve messages for ourselves, for others to enter and move on.

You can find more information about Voice in the description of my method and in the blog (in Hungarian only, soon in English, too) here:

FreeForm LifeSong™

FreeForm LifeSong™

A FreeForm LifeSong Method™ bárki által elsajátítható, megtanulható éneklési és hangképzési módszer. A Hangok birodalmába vezet be és segít benne eligazodni, támogatja a keresőt, hogy felfedezze önnön teremtő képességeit a benne lévő tudástár kibontásával.
Gömbölyű Világ - BLOG

Gömbölyű Világ - BLOG

Intuíció, spiritualitás, éneklés, no és filmek – avagy világom, gondolataim szavakba öntött dallamai

What I’m most proud of in my life

Whatever happened to me, I always had the strength to stand up and move on! I dared, and still dare, to follow my dreams, which will come true step by step! I know what it feels like to soar and be free! My most important task and service to humanity is to bring My Voice and vibration to as many Souls in the world as possible, thereby elevating them to another, loving dimension. They experience existence beyond the limits, free soaring. It is important for me to learn the right voice formation and thus the awareness of the Creation.

Why choose me?

After many years of skipping, at the age of 26, I was standing by the piano with my first really serious singing teacher. Because I had a desire to sing that I couldn’t overcome myself for years, but I didn’t see a chance I could ever be on stage. Everyone said it’s too late, I’m old and I don’t have the right relationships. One time, however, a kung fu master said that I should sing because what comes out of my mouth is good for people. He took me to somebody who confirmed this, and I stood there scalding, and my suppression broke. It was there that my very long journey began, which continues today still. I went step-by-step, and at the beginning I wasn’t at all conscious. I made every possible mistake in the process of learning voice training, but also in the constuction of my art career. Still, they were driving me forward, because I learned a lot from each one.

I worked with a lot of vocal teachers. If I include the beginning times, I had more than ten teachers. I learned a lot from them. For a very long time I was afraid that if I could not go regularly because I had no time, no money, then I would not learn to sing properly. It took me a long time to realize that was not true. The key is completely different. Today I know how voice works, how important understanding is during the process. I know how important and why voice training is, which affects our speech and our lives. The therapeutic effect of singing was revealed to me, especially the effect of intuitive-improvisational singing. I discovered what is the dormant knowledge that has surfaced in my adult life that is in everyone’s possession. By which we can connect with the heavens, and which lead us back to Oneness.

My professional career, from my results:

  • Hangolda program, its name and form is transforming. The new name is:
    FreeForm LifeSong Method™
  • House for Women
Hungarian Academy of Arts – Between Heaven and Earth – The relationship between
Spirituality and contemporary arts and its international aspects (Szeged)
Comenius-Grundtvig HU- 2014-141-002 „Everyone can sing! Intuitiv singing workshop” – trainer
  • Grundtvig 2011-1-PL-GRU13-19603 Intuitiv Singing Workshop – Poland
  • Leonardo Da vinci Partnership Program 2011-1LVA-LEO04-022131, 2011-1LV1-LEO04-022131 – „Iprovisation – a challenge for professional music aducation”
    trainer, participant

Stage works, concert series

Loving Advent – solo
From Fol songs to the Opera – solo
  • Blue Waltzer
  • Summer tour ( Italy, Switzerland, Austria)
  • Soul portrait – contemporary performance about change
  • Return Of Arkadia – contemporary symphonic oratorio
Colours Of Symphony – concert series
Asharti – concert series
Light Searcher – intuitive sound performance concert series
My heart is ont he piano | Rebirth | The Pianist and the Woman
Thousand faces of a woman
I love you
Sounds of the soul

When you meet me

When we meet, I tune in to you. Your voice, your voice forming, is a map for me to read your system from. Everyone is different. Moving on different levels, experiences, experiences, learning other things is important. If you trust me, I will support you in getting to a higher energy level, resonating at a higher level. The vibration of my voice affects your Soul, your body, your personality. My songs open the heart center, gently releasing blocks, jams. My voice carries the information, the code system that supports your advancement.

You can also choose to study voice training with me. You can manifest your own world through your voice. This is true for what you pronounce in your mouth and true for the way you pronounce the sound! Create well! I will teach you how to use your own voice to transform your world into something you’ve always wanted! The goal is not primarily to train singers, although there are some singers who study with me. The goal is to show you your own Key of Creating. As the source of your life is you, yourself! Everything originates from you. Learning how to sing is a nice consequence, beside being able to complete your life.

Important! This is a way. I support you in change, but you are also required for this! If you expect me to do your job for you then you have to choose somebody else. Your experiences, your life, your Responsibility! You are always the Source of the change or the non-change! Note that the goal is extremely important, but the journey is just as important. Enjoy your forming, your transformation, because these are the essence of your experience, of being on earth. Allow yourself development and change!


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