Asharti Andrea Szabó – 

soul-tuner, intuitive singer, who sings in cosmic code language

Once we all left from the same place and will come back there. By unlocking our fears and various blocks, with expanding our consciousness by reconnecting to unity. Everyone can recognize this and live it if they are open enough. There is no limit from there, only infinity. With this in mind, I walk my way and sing, because only a shared experience can truly fulfill human existence. It is independent of religion, of colour, of nations, because it influences what connets everything beyond unites all beings. It is also called love.

My Credo

As you sing, as you spread out your sound, you will manifest in the world! We are all part and children of the Creator. We came to Earth to experience. Let’s make the world a co-creator the way we want it, filled with light and love! Express your desires, feelings, thoughts! Make this world better and more complete by the way you live and work on Earth!

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