The Women’s House Program

Due to it’s great success, the Women’s House Program will continue! As we have done before, I support you discovering and fully expressing your womanhood from within! As we did previously, I will be supporting you so that we women may all reveal our womanhood ! We’ve worked on this for over a half-year together. Including letting go of limiting history, barriers, and belief systems that prevents full expression of our feminity! I will take your hand and you mine and we will teach one another how to create as women and to be able to take this into our daily lives. And this done peacefully, lovingly, without a battle, without drama. We have several techniques at our disposal, though, naturally, most of the practices are sound-based and nothing else is needed but ourselves and our intuition through speech or song. If you have any interest in this program or have any questions feel free to find me at this address :

The Blue Waltz – Introducing Asharti’s New Video!!!

It is with great pleasure, my dear friends, that I introduce to you my latest music-video called The Blue Waltz at a Gathering of Friends on December 14th. The location, with the support of Panasonic is at 1092 Budapest, Ferenc Korut 46, starting at 10 in the morning. My hope is that this music influences you as deeply as it has myself over the past one and a half years of drawing my inspiration from personal experiences enabling me to prepare and present it to you! And I need to express my Deep Thanks for your ever-present Teaching, Trust and Support! I also wish to express to you that I AM here and that you may count on me! Thank you!

Contemporary Summer Art Academy

My Contemporary Summer Art Academy: Between Heaven and Earth start off from this year in August. We would like to link the spirituality and contemporary arts like the music, singing, dancing etc. If you interested in please send message: here My all programs are on the facebook, please follow me! here

Between Heaven and Earth – The relationship between spirituality and contemporary arts

There was a great and successfully conference, supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts : Between Heaven and Earth – The relationship between spirituality and contemporary arts and its international implications. More information and pictures here. More pictures from the conference here Continue reading →